It’s the little things in life…

MP10006431542_P290619_500X500[1]It’s the little things that make me happy and yes I am a little embarrassed to say that office supplies sometimes are at the top of my “favorites” list.  Even as a child, there was something extra special about opening a brand new box of Crayola Crayons that got me so excited….the smell, he pointed tips, a new crisp box!  Maybe that is part of the reason I ended up being a First Grade teacher?  Well, two years ago a teacher friend of mine bought me a Christmas gift.  How did she know that a pack of new Expo dry erase markers and a new dry eraser would make me smile?  I was thrilled with her gift, but did not know that I would soon fall in love with the Expo Precision Point Eraser.

This eraser was not your “run of the mill” white board eraser that I had used before.  Our school supplies us with a standard Styrofoam type eraser that gets dirty and smudges after a few weeks of use.  So I would like to share with you just some of its features that make it so wonderful:

  • It comes with a magnetic tray to hold it into place on the front board (I now don’t 41T+mC--5mL[1]have to ask my students to help me solve the case of the missing eraser mystery only to find it in a basket of books in some random corner of my classroom).
  • Its pointed tip makes it useful to erase parts of words and numbers.
  • The eraser has removable felt layers when it becomes dirty, so no need to chemically clean it. In the two years I have owned and used it, I have only removed one of the layers.  I also believe you can buy refills.
  • Its ergonomic design makes it comfortable to hold and use (even for my 1st graders tiny hands)
  • Most importantly it provides a smooth and clean erase on all of your white board surfaces.

expoblogThanks for letting me share with you one of my favorite things!

Leah Lawson
1st Grade Teacher
Edmonds, WA


Papermate’s Liquid Flair

It’s a strange thing…the relationship that develops between a teacher and her writing tools. At first, I thought it was just me, but over the years I have met many of my kind…pen people.

What constitutes a pen person?  Let me explain. A pen person is someone who has a certain pen that complements their current disposition.  I literally ask myself this question each morning…”What do I feel like rolling with today?” liquidflair3 Think about it, the possibilities are endless. I could choose; a ballpoint, rollerball, felt-tipped, gel roller, calligraphy, or a retractable pen (just to name a few). Choices like that can be exhausting.

Then one day it happened, I was introduced to the best invention of all time, the Liquid Flair Pen.  I noticed my friend writing with it during the weekly faculty meeting. I could barely focus on what was being discussed. I wanted to hold that pen!! When I couldn’t take it anymore, I passed her a note…she passed me the pen.

I am now the proud owner of an eight pack. I use them for everything.  They have beautiful, vivid colors and are as smooth as butter when they glide across the paper. They are my FAVORITE pen of all time. And trust me, I’ve purchased every pen known to man. I’ve put all of my other pens away, which is shocking because clearly I’m obsessed with writing instruments.

Each pen comes with a cute, unique design! Extra perk…

Do yourself a favor, and pick up a pack of Liquid Flair Pens today. They will change the way you write!

Leslie Dodson
4th Grade Teacher & Resident Pen Expert at Supplies by Teachers

Sticky Putty-The Duct Tape of Tak

Sticky Putty, the Duct Tape of Tak or…a handy PENCIL ERASER! Yes, an eraser my friends!

I’m so excited to do my first product review! When Andre, with Sticky Putty, reached out to me on Twitter in May & asked me to review his product I was both honored and excited.
Sticky Putty, trademarked the Duct Tape of Tak, is a white tak that is the perfect wall adhesive for classrooms and homes.

It’s White!!
The 1st thing I noticed was the color…WHITE! Over my teaching career, I have tried several different kinds of tak. I clearly remember my first school where we weren’t allowed to staple into the walls. However,  staples & little holes were replaced with little blue clay globs all over the wall (ticky-tak.)  No more blue on the walls or stuck all over my posters & other treasures!!!

It’s Big!!
IMG_0012The 2nd thing I noticed was the size! Sticky Putty is approximately 3xs the size of any other tak. And, (being the supply hoarder) I just happened to have a competitors product in my stash. Note the size difference in the picture! When I first started teaching, I used my blue tak so sparingly (long before Amazon Prime day folks!) Sticky Putty provides plenty of product to allow you to use an ample amount for any project!

It Holds on Strong!!
Okay, so I loved the color & size but we know you can judge a book by it’s cover! Time for the true test. Does it work? So, I did a test comparing the two products. I hung two tag poster boards up on the wall and waited to see what happened.

competitor's brand
The competitor’s brand fell down within two hours. Please ignor the mess on the ground (I didn’t plan for it to fall and wanted it to look authentic!)
sticky putty holding posters
Here are the same two posters hung with Sticky Putty. This picture was taken two weeks after I hung them up! They haven’t even puckered out or have any sign of starting to fall down

It Comes off Easily!!
Finally, remember those little blue blobs on the wall?! Well, not with this tak!
As you can see this tak is staying together and doesn’t look like it is breaking down. It is really stretchy and feels  IMG_0013like a mixture of gum and clay. Easy to manipulate and stays together!

Sticky Putty is a great product and I recommend it to all of my teacher friends and moms that want a great value and a handy tool! Remember it can also be used as an eraser!! Thanks again to Andre for giving me the opportunity and you can find out more about purchasing Sticky Putty at!

I will be carrying this product in my small shop soon. Be sure to check back for updated products.